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I just learned today, why lead-acid batteries are more popular than lithium batteries? There are 3 reasons

        In recent years, the upgrading of electric vehicles has been too fast. Especially the application of lithium batteries in electric vehicles has broken the technical bottleneck of poor battery life, poor durability and slow charging of lead-acid batteries, but it is very strange that such a good lithium battery is sold in the electric vehicle market. Extraordinarily cool.

        On the contrary, lead-acid electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular? Some netizens even said: Whoever bought it was fooled? What is the reason behind this? Today, the electric car headlines take the majority of riders to reveal the secret.

Why are lithium batteries better than lead-acid batteries?

        Why are lithium batteries better than lead-acid batteries? It is not without reason that the application of lithium batteries in electric vehicles has been practically proved, and it is better than lead-acid batteries in:

        The first point: long service life. The current lead-acid battery is limited by the cadmium-free standard and the weight standard, and the battery life is greatly shortened, and the average service life is only 2 years. The average service life of lithium batteries reaches 5 years, which is equivalent to a lithium battery worth 2.5 lead-acid batteries.

        The second point: the energy density is high. The size of the energy density directly affects the size and weight of the battery. That is to say, in the case of the same volume, lithium batteries have larger capacity and higher battery efficiency than lead-acid batteries. Therefore, under the same weight, a lithium battery is only one-third the volume of a lead-acid battery.

        The third point: the discharge rate is low. The discharge rate of the lithium battery is very low, which means that it can store more electricity, is less prone to leakage, and has better natural battery life than lead-acid batteries. The discharge rate of lead-acid batteries is very high. For example, after riding in winter, the battery will run out of power, or if you don’t ride for a period of time, it will also run out of power.

Why are lead-acid batteries more popular than lithium-ion batteries?

But it seems that lead-acid batteries are better than lithium batteries, but why do consumers not pay for lithium batteries, but instead buy lead-acid batteries, why are lead-acid batteries more popular with consumers? The main reason lies in these three points:

        The first point: Lithium batteries are expensive. Generally speaking, due to the high manufacturing process standards of lithium batteries, the cost is quite high. The average price of a set of 60V20AH lithium batteries is about 1,200 yuan, while the same type of lead-acid battery is about 600 yuan. The difference between the two is nearly double. The price difference, owners with limited budgets have to give up lithium batteries.

        The second point: the safety of lithium batteries is poor. Since the electrolyte and separator of lithium batteries may ignite and explode due to the release of active oxygen in the positive electrode, the flammability is very high, but lead-acid batteries do not have this situation. Since the beginning of this year, lithium battery explosions have occurred in many places in Hangzhou and Sichuan, which have brought a lot of impact to the consumer market.

        The third point: the recycling system of lithium batteries needs to be improved. At present, the recycling of batteries on the market is mainly concentrated on lead-acid batteries. Once lead-acid batteries are scrapped, they can be recycled and new batteries can be bought by trading in old ones. For example, recycling a set of 48V12AH batteries costs about 150 yuan, and buying a new battery is actually about 300 yuan. The lithium battery has not yet perfected the recycling system. I bought a lithium battery of more than 1,000 yuan, and it was basically scrapped.


        Basically, the high price of lithium batteries, the difficulty of recycling, and the poor safety of lithium-ion batteries have scared off a group of consumers who bought lithium-ion electric vehicles. That's why lithium batteries look better than lead-acid batteries, but lead-acid batteries are more popular than lithium batteries.

What do you think of it? If it were you, would you choose to buy a lithium battery or a lead acid battery? Welcome to leave a message.


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